Our Bolder board holder is getting a new design and will be adjustable.  The Bolder will support all rebreakable board sizes as well as up to two 1" wood boards.


It is being tested now and we hope it will be available end of Fall.  We will update the site with pictures and information as we get closer to its release.


Thank you for your patience.  It will be worth it!

MA Toolz presents the Bolder board holder!

Finally a product that gives confidence and security to the Martial Artist when breaking or holding boards for practice, demonstration, testing etc.


The patented Bolder was designed to protect the fingers of the person holding the board and also to eliminate the hesitation of the person striking the board for fear they will kick or strike the fingers of the board holder.


The Bolder like so many board holders does not get mounted to a wall or heavy bag so it can be taken out on the floor, to the park or anywhere to break boards.  The Bolder is light but very durable.


MA Toolz Bolder was designed around one of the most popular rebreakable boards: The "Ultimate" Martial Arts Board (UMAB or Neo-Tuesday) who makes the Rebreakable Boards for ATA and formerly Century.


The Bolder also holds 1 inch and 1/2" wood boards. The Bolder comes with replaceable rubber discs to support both the UMAB boards or 1" wood boards.

MA Toolz DVDs

MA Toolz has produced 2 Martial Arts DVDs.  Both DVDs feature 6th degree Blach Belt Master Cliff Hong.  Master Hong masterfully demonstrates both ITF Poomse and the WTF Poomse from white belt through 1st Dan.

"Just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the I.T.F. Poomse video. Very thorough and very well done! I wish other forms videos were done like this."   ~ Saul E

"Your board holders are Incredible !!!  My name is Fred Beardsley, 3rd degree black belt in ATA TaeKwondo. I would love to see this become a ATA standard as it would eliminate hand injuries..."